Bathrooms and equipment


Bathrooms designed for your comfort

Our flat has been designed to make your stay as comfortable and practical as possible, with two separate bathrooms and two WCs, one of which is integrated into one of the bathrooms.

Bathroom 1

The first bathroom offers a well-equipped space for your pampering rituals:
- A bath/shower.
- A washbasin with an electric socket, fitted with a hairdryer and designed for the use of your personal appliances.
- Towel dryer.
- A washing machine dryer, for easy laundry management during your stay.

Bathroom 2

The second bathroom is designed to combine comfort and modernity:
- A shower with two jets (overhead shower and hand shower)
- A washbasin with socket, also equipped with a hairdryer, to meet everyone's grooming needs.
- An integrated WC.